SNOW FLASH! Freedom Ski’s flash sale

Snow Flash Sale!

SNOW IS everything!

According to Consensio Ski Stats, the lack of snow over the past year has had a negative effect on bookings – up to 60%.  Journalists aren’t good to us either.

BUT snow is COMING and we want to shout about it!
In CELEBRATION of the white stuff falling, Freedom Ski will have a FLASH SALE.

Each time we see a snowflake shimmy past our office window we will start our ‘SNOW FLASH’ … the discount will be indicative of the snowfall, if we have a heavy snowfall for 2 hours, our discount will increase. If we have a steady snowfall for 2 days, our discount will be proportionate.

What better way to celebrate the snowfall than to book a ski holiday!

Watch out for our SNOW FLASH over the next 6 weeks… we have a tip off its going to
DUMP this weekend!! … keep an eye on your e mails, fastest finger first! #