Escape that Sunday Feeling

Doesn’t matter if you spend Monday to Friday in the hustle of the city or in the depths of the country, everyone gets ‘that Sunday’ feeling knowing its back to the daily grind after a weekend of debauchery.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way, we dare you to act on your inhibitions, throw the rule book out the window and jump on a flight to Geneva. 75 minutes later and we will meet you at the airport & whisk you away to a short stay in the mountains. No one may ever know… unless the lure of social media beckons and your Insta Story follows you down the Pleney and into Le Tremplin. We would, however, recommend a social media detox, an escape to the mountains, just 3 nights – we promise a return to the office midweek. Tempting?….

Freedom Ski are always happy to welcome short stay dwellers; it gives us the challenge to maximize your experience with us. We revel in the ability to be able to have your skis ready to go, lift passes purchased and tipple of Slingsby Gin to get you slope ready. We will have the Jacuzzi bubbling, sauna hot and therapist waiting for your 5pm massage, this is how ‘FREEDOM’ do Sundays!

The fire is crackling, the fairy lights on the balcony twinkling, night sky clear… it could seem like a daydream, but this is our reality.

Come 7.30pm and canapes served, glass of bubbles and the invitation to join us for supper.

 This is your escape. This is YOUR ‘Freedom’ Ski Sunday Evening. Sweet dreams for Monday will come and the only ‘blue’ you will feel is the anticipation of a ‘blue bird’ and 2 more nights at altitude.

Contact Sharon for our last minute special offers & remaining short stays this season.

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Come and experience our ‘Sunday Feeling’