Cowshed – available in all Freedom Ski Chalets Morzine!

Here at Freedom Ski Morzine we are very picky when it comes to the products we offer our guests, although we prefer to call it discerning!

We want to make sure that you have the very best whether it’s the coffee beans we use or the sheets you sleep in at night so it’s really not surprising that we use Cowshed products in our Boutique Chalets to keep your hands clean and moisturised along with your hair feeling luscious and soft and your body all clean and fresh!

Cowshed - available throughout all Freedom Ski Morzine Chalets

Cowshed – available throughout all Freedom Ski Morzine Chalets

Cowshed was started in Somerset in 1998 as a spa based from an old cowshed.  Now we certainly don’t suppose that the cowshed had hay on the floor and the sound of hooves clopping past as you had a treatment, but we do know it gave Cowshed the inspiration for some of the quirky names they have for their unique products!  Packed chock full of organic & holistic ingredients from sustainable resources and no nasty animal testing or artificial products they really are the definition of treating yourself kindly.

We are really excited to give you the opportunity to win some Cowshed products with us.  We have a Swish and Go Hair Gift Set and a Hand it To Me Care Gift Set, they’re both unisex so everyone’s a winner!

To enter, just head on over to our competition page and enter in your details!  Easy!

Cowshed - Gift Sets to win!

Cowshed – Gift Sets to win!

Good Luck!