It pays to be organised

Running a chalet company you would think you would have plenty of time on your hands, you imagine long lazy summers lounging by the pool, playing tennis or hacking round the golf course and then winter arrives, you knuckle down and work hard for a couple of months, get plenty of days on the ‘piste’ and before you know it summer is here again. If only it were true !

Unfortunately it never quite works out like that, you pack away the ski gear , first it’s the gardening, chalet maintenance and improvements, then recruitment, marketing, bookings enquiries , accounts, finally preseason decoration, staff training and before you know it the snow has arrived.

But it is when the snow comes until the end of February that you don’t really get time to come up for air. Don’t get me wrong, you still love it, you still keep coming back for more, but at the same time you endure it and every year we say it will be different next time.

Well this year it will be different, we have a plan – get somebody on board who can give help wherever it is needed, a super chalet person who will also drive, manage and pa.

Imagine our delight when the lovely Marie contacted us about returning to do another winter season, it didn’t take long once the seed was sown that a more management based role would suit everybody before we welcomed our second staff recruit for 2012/2103 season.

Marie was with us last year as a chalet host at La Ferme D’Elise and she will be taking on the role of resort manager. She is a canny scot who works in the oil sector and has recently relocated back to the UK from Norway. She knows how we work and brings a wealth of valuable experience from her background in project management. Marie is also a keen snowboarder but I think she is seriously thinking about giving that up and becoming a skier again.

Autumn has now arrived, the days are shortening but believe it or not we really cannot wait for winter, get the ski’s waxed, check out the latest gear on the internet – but first excuse me whilst i go and find that bloody golf ball.